How To Crack Amazon Interview

How To Crack Amazon Interview, Amazon is a highly respected and competitive company with a rigorous hiring process. To successfully interview at Amazon, candidates must be well-prepared, highly skilled, and demonstrate a strong understanding of Amazon’s culture and values. This guide will cover how to crack an Amazon interview, including tips and strategies for success.

How To Crack Amazon Interview?

Amazon Interview
Amazon Interview

1. Research Amazon’s Leadership Principles

Amazon has 14 leadership principles that guide their decision-making and evaluation of candidates. These principles include customer obsession, ownership, the bias for action, and many others. Before your interview, ensure you have a solid understanding of these principles and be prepared to discuss how you have demonstrated them in your past experiences.

2. Study the job description and the team

To prepare for your interview, carefully review and research the team you will be working with. Understand the requirements of the role and the skills and experience that are necessary for success.

Take note of any areas where you may need additional preparation, and consider how your past experiences align with the role’s responsibilities.

3. Practice coding and problem-solving

Amazon is known for its technical expertise, and strong coding and problem-solving skills are necessary for any candidate. Practice coding and problem-solving exercises in the weeks leading up to your interview to ensure you are prepared for technical questions.

Some popular coding resources include HackerRank, LeetCode, and CodeSignal.

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4. Prepare for behavioural questions

In addition to technical questions, Amazon also values candidates who demonstrate strong leadership, collaboration, and customer focus. Be prepared to answer behavioural questions that showcase these qualities.

Examples of behavioural questions include “Tell me about a time when you had to make a tough decision” or “How do you approach working with a difficult teammate?”

5. Be prepared for multiple rounds

Amazon’s hiring process typically includes numerous rounds of interviews, which may consist of phone screens, online assessments, and several rounds of onsite interviews. Make sure to communicate with your recruiter throughout the process to ensure you are well-prepared for each interview stage.

Be prepared to spend several hours in discussions and to be evaluated on different skills and competencies in each game.

6. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for Amazon

Amazon is known for its unique culture, and the company values employees who are passionate about their work. During your interview, demonstrate your enthusiasm for Amazon and the role you are interviewing for.

Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in working at Amazon and how you align with the company’s culture and values.

7. Stay calm and confident

During the interview, staying quiet and secure is essential. Take your time understanding each question, and think through your responses before answering.

Amazon values candidates who can think on their feet and remain composed under pressure, so try to keep calm even if you feel nervous or unsure.+


Cracking an Amazon interview requires preparation, skill, and a strong understanding of Amazon’s culture and values. You can increase your chances of success by researching the company and the role, practising your technical and behavioural skills, and demonstrating enthusiasm and confidence.

Remember that the interview process is competitive, and even highly qualified candidates may fail to make it through. However, following these tips and strategies, you can position yourself for success and stand out.

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