Best Books For NDA Preparation

Best Books For NDA Preparation, NDA (National Defence Academy) is a defence service exam that qualifies you to enter the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce. This NDA exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). This exam is conducted twice a year. And the selection process for the post is taken into two categories.

In the first stage, the candidate must finish the NDA exam. Secondly, if the candidate passes a written exam, they must attain an intelligence and personality test conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB). Although NDA is not as strict as you think, preparation for the exam is a vital thing that should be done to pass quickly. Here is an article that helps you to give the best books to lead your success.

Books For NDA Preparation


Suggested Books for NDA Mathematics

The mathematics section is one of the factors which some people find difficult. The mathematics section has topics like Calculus, Quadratic equations, Matrices & Determinants, Trigonometry, etc. So here you can find some of the books which help you to cover the syllabus with the best possible solutions and answers.

Books for NDA Mathematics
Books for NDA Mathematics

You can try the NCERT Mathematics Textbook of Class 11 and Class 12. Also, try books like Mathematics by R.S. Agarwal, Mathematics for NDA and N.A. by S Chand, and NDA Entrance Exam by E.S. Ramasamy.

Suggested Books for NDA General Science, History & Geography

For General Science, you must buy a genuinely ideal book that covers almost any competitive cover with general science as the only subject. The primary benefit of this book is that it’s easy, and everyone who doesn’t know much about science can also read better.

Books for NDA General Science, History & Geography
Books for NDA General Science, History & Geography

And if you are not good at history and never remember history classes in your school days, there is a separate book for an account available in Disha Expert. It has over 1500 multiple choice questions, which enhance your skills along with streams like ancient, medieval, and modern history. Also, you can access geography questions too. 

There is another book called Objective G.K. by Sanjiv Kumar; Lucent Publication. This book also helps you to get the essentials of important topics in the History & Geography section. So that you can get a vast knowledge of both issues with a clear theory on practising questions, this will result in good marks on those subjects.

Suggested Books for NDA Physics

Physics is something important you have to look into. There is a book called Physics For NDA/NA In English by MKC publications which covers all the extensive topics related to conventional as well as Modern Physics.

Books for NDA Physics
Books for NDA Physics

This book is a complete updates guide as it provides practice questions of the physics syllabus from previous question papers. So candidates can prepare to learn physics effectively and its concept to achieve this section quickly.

Best Books for NDA Chemistry

Book for NDA Chemistry
Book for NDA Chemistry

To achieve the Chemistry section, you’ll need to study topics such as Physical and Chemical Changes, Air and Water, Acid, Bases and Salts, Oxidation and Reduction, Atoms, Valence, etc., which is essential every year. NCERT Chemistry Books of Class 11 & Class 12 and NCERT Exemplar are enough which helps you to cover the basics and in-depth details about chemistry subjects.

Study Material for Current Affairs

Besides study material, one has to know and gain information about various factors like the habit of reading newspapers daily and getting aware of what’s happening around, knowing current affairs on every stream like political, public, social, and banking matters.

For that, you can read newspapers and magazines such as Indian Express and Times of India helps you to maintain connectivity on current affairs around the globe. Besides newspapers and magazines, you can also refer to the Manorama Yearbook and NDA study materials to gain all critical events in a registered form.

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All these books mentioned above will help you reach your expected results, and with proper Preparation and good guidance and learning, you can pass this NDA exam with the best marks. Although it looks hard enough to make it, completing the exam successfully with good preparation is straightforward. 

So you all do not need to worry but stay focused on the syllabus and current affairs and practice all the sections with practice questions and previous question papers to make yourself good enough to tackle essays and succeed. I hope this article helped you with your exam preparations. All the best for your mindful practice and your exams as well!

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